About us

Agro Elita Company  is the succesor of the Property Rights, Technology and the experience of the Seeds Factory, which has been operating within the Agro Industrial Complex “Malishgani” in Klina and since the year of 1979 the building was completed and starts operation of the Factory for Treatment of Cereals Seeds (Wheat, Corn, Rye,Rye,Oat,Sunflower) , also forage Peas.

While in the year 1988 was also completed the New Factory for Treatment of Alfa alfa, Flowers and Vegetabel seeds ( small seeds).

On the year 2006 through an open public tender conducted by Internaional Authorities of KTA and the Kosova Government Authorities,the Enterprise was sold and all the Property, Assets,Liabilities and other Rights were transferred to the New Company and the New Owner. Mean while the Company was registered on the New Name “Agro Elita” l.l.c, accepting and enforcing all the Laws and procedures required by the international and national authorities in Kosova.

The surface in which the factory is build is around 4 ha with an excellent infracstructure.

Considering  that our company owns over 300 ha of working land and around 1000 ha of land contracted with farmers , and a hug capacity of processing lines with new digital technology.

Our  main activity of the company , from the first beginning is  the  production(multiplication), processing and packing of seeds.


The Production and Storage capacities of the Company are huge

  • The granaries  have a capacity of 14.500 tons
  • The warehouse has the surface of 4000m2 and it is 6m high ,
  • Two Production Lines for Wheat, Barley,Oat and other cereal seeds, with the capacity of:
  • 1 x 3.5 tons/h
  • 1x10tons/h (New digital processing line)
  • One Production Line for Corn Seeds with the capacity of 1×2.5 tons/hour

Factory Unit of corn seed treatment is fully functional through its general processes of production that have very large capacities.

The Factory for Treatment of Alfa Alfa  and  other Small Seeds is the Unique one of this kind in Kosova and the Region with huge Storage and Production Capacities, it contains 20 storage rooms or boxes where  seed is kept dry and in good conditions.